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Edifier P293 HiFi InEar Headphones Earbud Headset Iem In Ear Monitor Headphone Cellphone Earphones With Mic And Remote Small, Medium And Large Ear Buds Included White

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Brand: Edifier

Color: White


  • TRUE HI-FI MUSIC PERFORMANCE - top of the line speaker units produce high fidelity sound
  • ERGONOMIC COMFORT DESIGN - angled earbuds with 3 sizes of silicon tips create the perfect fit for everyone
  • INLINE MICROPHONE AND CONTROL - pick up a call without touching your phone
  • CARRYING POUCH INCLUDED - ultralight in-canal headphones that's easy to carry around

Details: Edifier P293 has an angled design perfect for runners that need their music on the go. The in-canal in-ear earphone delivers audiophile acoustic performance while being greatly affordable. The TPE wire has extra resistance to pull giving a longer product life. High-quality RU-FeB speaker unit incorporates the latest technology in earphone design. Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks: - Short in the right earbud with less bass This is most likely caused by not plugging the plug all the way in completely. The loose connection will also cause lower frequencies (bass) audio not present. We have tested all returned products to date and find the actual defective rate to be less than 1%. - Has a hum when plugged into a Samsung Note 4 that cannot be heard on other headphones Make sure the phone is not being charged. Change to a different phone/player to verify headphone functionality. The P293 is equipped with high sensitivity driver units that respond to a wider range of frequencies than most headphones. So it is also possible that the phone is emitting a white noise that other headphone did not respond to. - Did not fit any better than other earbuds I own There are 3 pairs of ear plugs included in the package of 3 different sizes. Try a different size of earpads to test the fitment. Earpads that do not fit will also result in loss of bass due to lack of proper enclosure. We are also working with the manufacturer on a facelifted packaging for the P293's. The new packaging will include a pair of memory foam ear pads in addition to the 3 sizes. It will provide a better fit for most customers.

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